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After lobour, so many patients complain of relaxed skin on their stomachs and relaxed belly muscles. This procedure aids in removing the excess skin folding on the belly while tightening the muscles similar to using an imaginary bracing underneath the skin. The operative procedure is undertaken after a through evaluation of the patient under general anesthesia with my anesthesia and asistants team. If necessary, concomitant liposuction is also applied . Immediately after surgery a special bracery is used. Patient is encouraged to walk a day after surgery with a slight flexion on the belly. So the incision under the underwear do not bear excessive tension.

A concomitant abdominoplasty surgery along with ceserian section is avalible for a limited group of patients.
Abdominoplasty is one of the frequent surgeries in my daily prectice. All of my patients are happy with the results . This procedure also aids in genital youthing and as the esthetic sutures are hidden in the underwear covered areas they are barely visible.