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Nasal Aesthetics

Nose is located in the middle of our face thus draw the attention the most. Breathing and smelling are its main functions so apart from nasal aesthetics my aim is to reconstruct a better breathing and smelling nose.

Aesthetic rhinoplasty is one of the most common operations in our country. However it is only succesful in experienced hands otherwise correcting operations might be neceessary!

I choose the procedure adressing the main problems in the nose (Open or closed rhinoplasty). My objectives are natural looking easily breathing and smelling nose in harmony without an operated appereance.

The operations are done under general anesthesia with an experienced anesthesia team . The cuts are inside the nostrils so no scarring exists. After the operation lasting for 1-2 hours,i insert local dressings staying inside for 2 days.

Depending on the procedure and individual characteristics , bruisings may be situated around the nose and eyes. Pain is not an issue.
After removal of tampones I advise use of saline solutions for irrigations. After 1 week the splint is removed and patient can go back to normal life with plasters around the nose for onother week.

Final results are obtained afer 6 months Because heat and enviromental changes may affect tissues . I can say that as aTurkish Surgeon I have a good number of experience and my results are well