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Breast Reduction

In residency period in Germany, breast reduction was the most commonly administered procedure. Very large breasts not only have poor esthetic appereance but they also change dynamic balances of the body. Back and torso lean forward with the pulling forces of very large breasts preceeding chronic pains and deformities. Dermatologic diseases can be troublesome on skin under these pendulent breasts and pressure sores can occur in contact areas of the braceries. Adolescents who have very large breasts try to hide their breasts by bending their shoulders and behave shy in an attempt to not to show their breasts. They don’t wear bikinis and have difficulty chosing the proper bracery.Before surgery I talk to the patient about an hour and answer her concerns.

My aim in this surgery is a minimaly scarring technique , respecting size and propotions of the patient while preserving the lactating glandular tissue and respecting the sensory nerves. The procedure lasts aproximately 3,5 hours. Immidiately after surgery, patient wears a special bracery kind for 3 months. The patient stays in hospital for one day and is able to go back to work after 4 to 7 days.