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Skin Tumors, Nevi and Malignant Melanoma

Tumors of skin are caused by over exposure to sun , known defect in the ozone layer in the atmosphere and genetic factors .Skin tumors, nevi and malignant melanoma have an increasing prevalence over the years. I see more and more patients in my office applying for these nevi and skin tumors to be removed. Malignant melanoma has one of the worst prognosis. This special tumor has tendency to spread to distant parts of body even when very small, grow rapidly in those areas and cause death. Professor Dr L Illg with a world wide reputation for diseases of the skin had a special interest in malignant melanoma in Giessen Faculty of Medicine where I did the residency. He received patients not only from Europe but also from parts around world. As operations of these patients were done in our clinic I had the special opportunity to examine and treat many patients.

Diagnosis of skin tumors is quite easy so are subject to be properly treated in their early stages. Bleeding and ulcerating wounds that do not heal as expected , bleeding in nevi, itching, change in color, and size should always urge the patient to apply to a specialist-plastic surgeon or a dermatologist.

Excision of nevi and skin tumors are easy. I tell my patients that it is easier than a tooth extraction . After administration of a local anesthetic, lesion is excised according to certain principles. The specimen is examined by a pathologist.
Sometimes a simple nevus and a malignant melanoma can look very similar and can be confused. In these times examination of an experienced physician is life saving.