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Botulinum toxin and filling material applications

Botulinum toxin is a muscle toxin derived from a bacteria. Like any other medicine it’s a magical drug if used in proper dosage. As we all know even an aspirin can lead to intoxication if taken in high doses. Botox in safe hands can produce perfect results. I have been applying botox since 1999 since it was first introduced in the market in Turkey. In eye brow frowns I have my technique in the literature. As the effects of the procedure last for 4 to 6 months patients frequently come back for another application.

Continuously botox administered cases have the affect for 8 to 14 months. Best results are obtained especially in frontal regions, frowns and crown feet. However each application should be modified according to the individuals needs(astonished look and over correction of brows should always be avoided). My first aim is not a motionless face but a natural, shining and youthful look. In order to have a comfortable and painless procedure I use local anesthetic ointments and fine special needles. Even in sensible and anxious patients the procedure goes smoothly and results are very good. Application lasts approximately 3 to 5 minutes and final results are taken after day 4 . I generally recommend a secondary dose after 6 months. For lines located near the nose and chin I apply hydrochloric acid .a physiologic substance which is constantly diminishing in the skin. I generally prefer swiss made products of Restylane, Perlane and Finelane. After local anesthetic application I inject the substance to the outermost layer of the skin called epidermis with special syringes. I perform the procedure while talking to my patient holding a mirror. After 1 month, looking for a better result I give a small touch by injecting a smaller amount of the material. Therefore a definitive result lasting for 8 to 14 months is achieved. In Thin borders of lips(so called cigarette lines), and lip red – white junction of the lips (vermilion line ) I inject the filling material after injecting the anesthetic medicine. So the procedure is nearly painless. I avoid excessive swelling and fullness, and try to give a natural beauty to the lip . Up to date I have not encountered an important complication such as allergy or bleeding. Through evaluation of the patient and meticulous technique play important roles for this.